Self Managed Superannuation



So, you want more control and flexibility over your retirement planning.  Self Managed Superannuation, also known as DIY Super, is a fantastic way to take control of your own retirement planning to ensure that you can live comfortably in retirement.  Self Managed Superannuation is still managed under the same general rules of all superannuation, with the ultimate goal of superannuation being to save for your retirement.  Self Managed Superannuation is well regulated and you must comply with all of the necessary laws regarding the operation of the fund.  However, it does provide great flexibility with regards to structuring assets and retirement incomes to suit your needs.


Self Managed Superannuation is not for everyone.  There are many complexities with running an SMSF.  We are well experienced and qualified to advise you on these complexities.  If you are actively interested in managing your financial affairs through Self-Managed Superannuation, then it could work well for you and your goal of financial independence.

Some of the advantages of self-managed superannuation:


  • Control of your retirement savings
  • Life Insurance can be arranged through your super
  • Superannuation attracts a lower tax rate of 15%
  • Depending on the size of your fund, the administration costs can be lower
  • You can include other family members in your fund
  • Flexibility with retirement income
  • In pension phase you will attract a “Zero” tax rate


Darren Rossen & Associates are your Self Managed Superannuation experts.  We can advise you about whether Self Managed Superannuation is right for you.  We can also establish the appropriate legal structures to meet the regulatory requirements, and we can advise you about the ongoing regulatory requirements.