It’s an exciting time for business owners. Thinking back, 20 years ago accountants were stuck behind their desks, buried under reams of paper. Fast forward to 2014 and thanks to slick web applications and cloud-based technology, accounting is an industry that has undergone an incredible change.


At Darren Rossen & Associates we pride ourselves on providing professional and cost-effective accounting services to our clients. We are now using XERO in our Accounting firm.  XERO is an easy-to-use yet powerful online accounting system that’s designed specifically for small businesses.


I can hear you saying, “I’m already using MYOB, Quickbooks, Cashflow Manager (or some other form of software) and it works just fine. Why should I change?”




Would you like the possibility of:

  • Reduced Tax
  • Increased Profit
  • Increased Wealth
  • Saving you time to do the things you enjoy


XERO provides an overview of your financial information in real-time. There’s no need to buy expensive software and install upgrades. XERO is available on your PC or Mac in the office, at home or on popular mobile devices – anywhere there is an internet connection.


The privacy and security of your data are taken care of and are stored on XERO’s secure servers, where it’s backed up regularly. This means even if your computer is lost or stolen your data is safe.


XERO automatically imports and categorizes your bank statements daily so you can keep abreast of your cash flow. It’s accounting on the go. XERO has a full suite of accounting features such as invoicing, payables, expense claims, GST, tax returns, reporting, and much more.


The beauty of XERO for business owners is you can share and consult with your accountant for reporting, benchmarking, and better business planning. There are no more cumbersome transfers of data that can be corrupted or out-of-date.


As your business grows, so does XERO.


With minimal assistance from yourselves, your accounts will be up-to-date and we’ll be more able to help you grow your business and meet your lifestyle goals!


XERO is perfectly suited to small and medium-sized businesses.  As a XERO Certified partner, we can introduce you to XERO and have you up and running in no time.




Our automated MYOB to XERO conversion service is ready to go. And that means you can now take advantage of a fast and easy way to convert your MYOB client data files to XERO.

What Next? Contact our office to arrange a consultation so we can show you how XERO will change your life forever. July is fast approaching so now is the time to act.